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BioThane Long Line

BioThane Long Line

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The multi-functional BioThane Training Lead has been designed to provide optimum control, and to simplify training with headcollars or harnesses.

This lead enables you to control, guide and tether a dog in everyday situations - It is made from genuine BioTHane and with over 20 colours to choose from, you can truly make it your own. The leash is waterproof, mud proof, rot proof and stink proof. It is very comfortable to hold and with a wide variety of uses, it is a versatile lead for all your training needs:

1) Short length for heel training or normal walking.
2) Medium length for obedience training.
3) Long length for recall or distance work.
4) Hands-free dog training.
5) Detachable traffic handle for clean hands
6) Second, In built traffic handle for quick and easy control 
7) Two dogs on one lead - making use of the double ended trigger hook.
8) Easy, supervised tethering.

Suitable for Suitable for dogs of all ages.

Inspect Lead regularly for signs of wear and tear, and replace accordingly.
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