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Snuffle Mat

Snuffle Mat

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Snuffle Mat makes mealtime fun and mentally stimulating. Dogs will enjoy puzzling over the many pockets while they snuffle around looking for morsels of treats to release, so they are busy and entertained. It also has a the added benefit of helping to lower anxiety levels by giving pups something to focus on, providing a calming effect. Snuffle Mats are also ideal for use while animals are recuperating after illness or injury by providing enrichment if they are confined in a space.


How to use enrichment toys

If your dog has never used an enrichment toy before, you'll need to show them how it works. This is a fun bonding experience for both dog and pawrent.

Start with just a few morsels of food and pop them in easy to find spots on the mat. Encourage your dog to "find it" and praise them when they do. Remove the mat when they've found all the food.
You can build from here, adding larger amounts of food, and even entire meals into the snuffle mat!

Benefits of Enrichment

The benefits of enrichment are well documented.

According to Good Human Dog Training, the benefits include:

  • gives a feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction
  • reduces boredom-related behavior problems
  • stimulates and assists in brain growth
  • increases intelligence and problem-solving abilities
  • builds confidence and social skills
  • allows dogs to be dogs and do dog things
  • creates a more balanced and happy dog.
  • weight loss in dogs who actively work for their meals
  • increased focus and concentration
  • builds stronger bonds through interactive play
  • protects against age-associated cognitive decline and dementia





Always supervise your dog when using any toy. Do not leave unattended

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Couldn’t be happier!

    Second time we shop at Patch&Pops and we couldn’t be happier with the products. We ordered a large snuffle mat, after being so satisfied with the snuffle ball we got a few months ago. I didnt select any specific colour at the moment of check out but fell in love with a snuffle mat seen in a Tiktok video so I messaged Patch&Pops and asked if mine could be similar to it. Kaylee(the owner) was very kind and met my requests. My dog uses her new snuffle mat every day for either her meals or treats. It keeps her very entertained and makes her tired. She is a springer spaniel and nothing is better at the end of the day of a tired but happy spaniel. I will definitely shop with Kaylee again.

    Amy Carr
    Best Purchase of 2021

    Absolutely love this company. We purchased two snuffle mats and my dogs LOVE THEM! We use them every day and it makes meal times more interesting. Great for a quick bit for enrichment if I am working and they are a bit restless. Especially in the hot weather. They’ve been a god send. I absolutely love that they are totally unique and different to any I’ve ever seen. Thank you so much for the fab snuffle mats! I’ll deffos be coming back for more items!

    Super snuffle mat!

    Marty absolutely loves his snuffle mat and is currently eating most meals from this due to his broken leg. He gets so excited when he sees it and spends lots of time sniffing out all of his food from the tiny pockets. This really is great mental stimulation for Marty, especially at this tough time of being confined to his crate. They are also super easy to clean and machine washable. A definite must buy!

    Great for keeping busy!

    Molly loves this snuffle mat! It keeps her busy for a while and it is great to take with us on holidays as it can be easily folded away. Easy to wash also so it’s a win win!!

    My dog loves it

    My dog loves her snuffle mat. She gets so excited when it comes out, qnd by the time she's done she's so chill.

    Love it. Defo reccomend