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The Snuffle Book

The Snuffle Book

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This snuffle book is a great enrichment toy for dogs. Amazing mental stimulation, slow feeder, puzzle and a toy all in one!

With 5 pages of activities, from simple to challenging, this book is sure to be a hit with your dog.
Perfect for dogs struggling with high arousal levels, separation anxiety and those that are bored with ordinary toys and need some extra encouragement.

Individually made to order, the Snuffle Book can be customised with your dogs name, a birthday message, or anything you like - please leave personalisation information in a note at checkout. 

How to use enrichment toys

If your dog has never used an enrichment toy before, you'll need to show them how it works. This is a fun bonding experience for both dog and pawrent.

Start with just a few morsels of food and pop them in easy to find spots on the mat. Encourage your dog to "find it" and praise them when they do. Remove the mat when they've found all the food.
You can build from here, adding larger amounts of food, and even entire meals into the snuffle ball!

Benefits of Enrichment

The benefits of enrichment are well documented.

According to Good Human Dog Training, the benefits include:

  • gives a feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction
  • reduces boredom-related behavior problems
  • stimulates and assists in brain growth
  • increases intelligence and problem-solving abilities
  • builds confidence and social skills
  • allows dogs to be dogs and do dog things
  • creates a more balanced and happy dog.
  • weight loss in dogs who actively work for their meals
  • increased focus and concentration
  • builds stronger bonds through interactive play
  • protects against age-associated cognitive decline and dementia


  • Small: 4 inch diameter
  • Medium: 6 inch diameter
  • Large: 7.5 inch diameter


Always supervise your dog when using any toy. Do not leave unattended


The book is hand-made from anti-pill fleece fabric.
When it gets dirty - wash it in the washing machine at 30 degrees C and air dry.

The toy is not indestructible, always supervise your dog.

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