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Double Ended Natural Cotton Rope Dog Leash

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These gorgeous soft dog leashes are hand spliced from 100% natural cotton rope to produce a secure and colourful collar for your dog. They're finished off with paracord and a welded nickel trigger snap hook.


This 6-foot lead has two o-rings weaved into the rope that you can twist and adjust along the length of the lead.

When out training or walking your dog or puppy, this is an excellent lead to utilise. It can be fastened on to the o-rings to make handles, adjusted to different lengths, secured around the waist or over the shoulder (giving you a hands free option), attached to two dogs as a double ended leash, clipped to the front and back of a harness for extra control, the possibilities are unlimited! When you want to focus completely on your dog while training or walking, the hands-free alternative is ideal.